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Stand: 2F17
Via I^ Maggio

T: + 348/4200630

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Product Categories

  •     Special construction (prefabricated buildings, pools etc.)
  •     Windows, doors and sun protection systems
  •     Formwork and scaffolding
  •     Precast production and equipment
  •     Metal and steel and aluminium

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Company profile

KOPRON SPA 1982 – 2019: OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL LOGISTICS. The key success factors of Kopron Spa, who are leaders in the Industrial Logistic field, are the high quality of design Made in Italy, production, assembly and after-sales support of their products as well as solid and reliable business relationships. Kopron S.p.A. have a consistent share of the market in East Europe as well as in Asia and South America thanks to retailers and agents they have around the world and to their sister companies strategically positioned in France, Brazil and China. Kopron S.p.A offers a complete service of great quality from design to final assembly for all their range of products.

products to be displayed

Compliance with the highest quality standards in design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales support is the key of success of KOPRON®, European leaders in the industrial logistics field. KOPRON® propose a complete and unique range of products and solutions: warehouses, industrial doors and loading/unloading systems for goods. Each warehouses is specially designed to meet Customer’s requirements, by calculating and certifying static and dynamic performances according to the geographic area of installation.
Standard or tailored equipment, designed and manufactured to guarantee safety during loading/unloading operations and avoid expensive thermal dispersion.The system consists of three parts: the electro-hydraulic dock leveller to move the goods back and forth from vehicle to warehouse; the manual/electric sectional door for closing; the dock shelter which is used to cover and connect the rear part of the vehicle to the warehouse.
Kopron industrial sectional doors are the best solution for making industrial and commercial buildings become more functional as well as more appreciable from an architectural viewpoint. They are ideal in frequent transit areas where they divide and insulate departments guaranteeing a quick opening/closing system.These doors of advanced technology fit in any kind of building combining efficiency with low maintenance. They guarantee thermal insulation at a very high level thanks to the thickness of the panels they are made of.
High speed doors are designed for intensive use, can reach big sizes and are very efficient. They are cost-effective and guarantee high performance, with as simple but strong structure.
Kopron propose a wide range of folding doors, specifically tailored to meet any need and can be installed in any sector. The technological level reached in the panels used and in the carrying structure, allows this closing system to reach big sizes, mainly used in sectors like the Navy, the Army, in airports and showrooms. They guarantee the highest level in thermal-acoustic insulation, occupy little space when they fold, and special EPDM gaskets and nylon brushes along the profiles assure perfect tightness.